Postdoctoral positions available at UCAT

2015 UCAT Postdoctoral Positions

 Multiple postdoctoral positions are available at UCAT Universities for ALMA related research.  The UCAT postdoc appointments will initially be for two years, with possible extension for additional years.  


Scientists with radio interferometry background are preferred; however, all candidates with a PhD in any area of astronomy interested to conduct research using ALMA are encouraged to apply. UCAT postdoctoral fellows are expected to conduct their research at one of the seven UCAT Universities. Being in a Taiwanese research institute, UCAT postdoctoral fellows have the privilege to apply for Taiwan’s share of observing time for ALMA, SMA, CFHT, JCMT, and SMT and the 12m of ARO.

Additional Information regarding the UCAT Postdoctoral Positions, including the application procedure and deadline, is available in the announcement webpage.